Srivijaya Style Bodhisattva

19th century Bronze reproduction of a 12th century Srivijaya Bodhisattva.


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This deity has four arms, arranged two on each side. Rich in iconography we see the front right hand posed in a form of the Vitarka Mudra, the expression or seal of refuge, discussion, or transmission of the teachings of the Buddha. The back right hand is raised and holds a book symbolizing knowledge. The front left hand holds the stem of a lotus bud which entwines around the left front arm. The back left hand holds the base of the lotus bud.
The lower body is covered with a close fitting dhoti or traditional garment originating in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The chest and waist of this regal statue are festooned with multiple necklaces, ornaments and ribbons. The metal surfaces have a rich green patina with some traces of gilding in recesses of the casting.

More on Srivijaya:
The Srivijaya Empire was a powerful maritime force from the 7th to 13th Century. Based on the island of Sumatra, modern day Indonesia, Srivijaya’s influence was felt throughout Southeast Asia. Srivijayan Kings introduced Buddhism while expanding their territory and were instrumental in it’s steady expansion throughout the surrounding island nations. Srivijaya was a stronghold of Vajrayana Buddhism and attracted many pilgrims en route to India as well as devout scholars. Srivijayan culture is also famous for their exquisite Buddhist art.
This beautiful 19th Century cast bronze statue is an antique reproduction of the 1,000 year old Srivijaya Period style. It is standing with right knee slightly bent on a double tiered circular lotus base. The oval face is sensitively cast with a meditative expression and framed with pendant ears supporting dangling earrings which partially rest on the shoulders. It’s hair is arranged in a very tall chignon with a spiral pattern fronted by ornamentals and a five point diadem.

Who is Bodhisattva?
Mahayana Buddhism regards the Bodhisattva as a person who already has a considerable degree of enlightenment and seeks to use their wisdom to help other human beings to become liberated themselves. In this understanding of the word the Bodhisattva is an already wise person who uses skillful means to lead others to see the benefits of virtue and the cultivation of wisdom.

The Mahayana encourages everyone to become bodhisattvas and to take the bodhisattva vows. With these vows, one makes the promise to work for the complete enlightenment of all sentient beings by practicing the six perfections.

Welcome this beautiful Bodhisattva into your home so that it might share with you the ten perfections of Pāramitā: Generosity, Virtue, Renunciation, Transcendental Wisdom, Energy, Patience, Honesty, Loving Kindness, and Serenity!

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