Om earring stud

18Kt gold om earring stud from Jaipur, India.

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18Kt gold earring stud from Jaipur, India, shaped like the holy OM symbol studded with a .01ct diamond.

Om earrings studs can be purchased separately or as a set of 2 earrings, @ $250- each

What is the meaning of OM (A-U-M)?
Aum is a mystical or sacred syllable in the Indian religions, including Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, and Buddhism. It is placed at the beginning of most Hindu texts as a sacred exclamation to be uttered at the beginning and end of a reading of the Vedas or previously to any prayer or mantra.

Of all names of God, Aum is the Supreme. Aum (also Om) is the most comprehensive name of God. Other names encompass only some aspects of God. That is the reason why Om signifies only God and nothing else where as other names stand for other things as well. The word AUM (OM) is made up of three letters that express the three great aspects of GOD:

A – denotes the power of God to create the Universe.
U – denotes the power of God to preserve the Universe.
M – denotes the power of God to dissolve the Universe.

On this basis, God is known to Hindus by the three other names:

A – Brahma (Creator)
U – Vishnu (Preserver)
M – Shiva (Destroyer)

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