Nepalese Temple Guardians

Early 20th Century Nepalese Temple Guardians



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A pair of late 19th Century Newari Bronze Temple Guardian from Nepal. In the heights of the Himalayas, the Newari people practice both Hinduism and Buddhism and their ornate sacred art includes the pantheon of both religions. This pair of Temple Guardians show rich ornamentation in their eyes, teeth, and the ribbon like wings billowing from their torsos. Masters of religious art, the Newari are world renowned for the detailed, refined beauty of their pieces. They are masters of the lost-wax casting process and it is widely utilized in their metal statues.

The Newa people of the Newari Culture of Nepal are the indigenous people and creators of the historical civilization of Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley. Newars are a linguistic and cultural community of mostly Tibeto-Burman and some Indo-Aryan ethnicities. This pair of mythological animals can be found throughout Asia. In China there are Fu Dogs, in Nepal and Burma they are Temple Guardians. They are a sign of power and stare down anyone who challenges that authority. Protectors of the Dharma they are seen at the entrances to temples and palaces. In Tibet this pair of male and female creatures are known as Snow Lions and are a composite of the Dog, Lion and Dragon. These early 20th Century Newari Temple Guardians will not let any forms of negative energy pass.

Bring peace and harmony to your personal palace with these beautiful guardians. Where they go, negativity cannot follows. Allow them to guard your wellspring of happiness.

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