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Designer Navarathna ring

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A designer Navarathna ring featuring .66ct of ruby.

Navarathna in Hindi translates as “Nine Gemstones”. According to the ancient Vedic Scriptures, these nine gemstones have the power to negate the astrological effects on our Sun sign. Each of the nine gemstones is related to one of the ancient planets – Mercury (Emerald); Venus (Diamond); Mars (Red Coral); Saturn (Blue Sapphire); Jupiter (Yellow Sapphire); Moon (White Pearl); and the ascending (Hessonite Garnet) and descending (Cat’s Eye) nodes of the moon as seen in the night sky, and the sun (Ruby) as seen in the day.

Since time immemorial, Indians believed that the power of gemstones have the ability to affect man’s character and destiny.

The Mogul Emperors of India wore amulets made of Mutton Chop Jade set with the Navarathna gemstones over their heart to prevent heart disease. A blood red Ruby was worn to cleanse the blood.

Navarathna, the nine planetary gems combine the influence of all the celestial bodies in one amulet, the jewel thus functions as a cogent medium effecting harmony between man and the planets that are believed to control his destiny.

Ceasing to be mere ornaments, such jewels function as medium between human and divine, the known and the unknown.

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