18th C. Maharaja Jigha Turban Ornament SOLD JOL Archive

18th C. Maharaja Jigha Turban Ornament


Here we showcase a Maharaja Jigha Turban Ornament with rubies and emeralds set kundan style. Rajasthan, 18th C.

In the second picture, this incredible Jigha is shown with a Mangamala (mango motif) necklace set in kundan style with rubies, emeralds and Golconda Indian diamonds. Rajasthan, early 19th C. and a Navarathna (nine planets) ring set with ruby, hessonite garnet, sapphire, pearl, coral, cat’s eye, emerald, zircon, and diamond. Tamil Nadu, 20th C.

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Weight 1.0000 lbs
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